Wednesday, November 19, 2014

15 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid

"I hate getting to the office and wasting half of my morning on nonsense, avoid these common pitfalls.

Wasting time is every entrepreneur's fear. Time is of the essence and when you're managing people, paying payroll and meeting with clients, you don't have much to lose.

I stumbled across this cool looking info graphic and I thought it would be beneficial to share. It highlights 15 Time Wasters that Successful People Avoid.

I love #2 Not Finishing and #13 Unproductive Meetings. Take a look for yourself.

I found it interesting that the internet and software industry was among the top time wasting sectors alongside Insurance and Education. Also, interesting to see Indiana and Kentucky among the top time wasting states.

Whether you suffer from lack of focus or working too late, avoid these 15 Time Wasters and become a more involved, more productive entrepreneur!

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