Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Zika Risk in Rio?

If you qualified for the Olympic games to be held in Rio this month, would the risk of contracting the Zika virus deter you from participating in the games, let alone attending the games? The implications of contracting Zika could be lethal for pregnant women and their unborn babies.  Already, several high profile athletes have withdrawn from the games, including Jordan Spieth, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Vijay Singh and Adam Scott (just to name a few).  The Zika Risk in Rio is actually not as high as people think.

Listen, if I were lucky enough to be selected to participate, you better believe I'm going to attend and get my game on.  Again, assuming I were that athletic and talented enough, I would know that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and you only live once. Even if I participated in the games before, I would still be there representing my country!

As Red said from Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy living, or get busy dying!"


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