Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Morning Motivation

Hello all! I hope everyone had a grand weekend. It was sure filled with epic sports and upsets. For football, Mississippi State beat Texas A&M, Arizona State beat USC, and the Seahawks handled the Redskins to cap off another great weekend in sports. 

As I brewed my coffee this morning, I began thinking of the work ethic it takes to be a top level athlete. I then noticed some similarities that athletes and entrepreneurs both have. They both hate losing. Entrepreneurs like athletes, also want to be the best in their particular field. They both embrace competition and look at challenges as opportunities. Here's a great quote that can be applied to any line of work on this fine Tuesday!

"Everyday we must do what others won't to be successful"

I've never been the most talented or the smartest, but I continued to work hard each and every day. That's what set me apart. Work ethic and determination go a long way. 

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